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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 7, 2018 2:00pm-2:34pm +03

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satellite technology two three d. printing and recycled waste to solar powered classrooms africa is transforming young innovators are propelling change building communities. and solving. challenging systems and shaping. future. africa. after months of political uncertainty german chancellor angela merkel is on the brink of. hello and welcome to live from our headquarters and. also ahead dangerous and
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delicate the rush to rescue survivors after an earthquake in taiwan leaves the building on the brink of collapse. more than a hundred people killed in just twenty four hours as russian and syrian government jets head to rebel held areas. of the drive for a new air and space exploration a road trip by the world's most powerful rocket. germany is on the brink of ending months of political limbo chancellor angela merkel's conservative party is reportedly set to form a coalition government with her main rival they have been and now from talks to end . after september well a top christian social union politician has welcomed the news. so frieden we are content we said that tonight we have to get out of the trenches nobody must
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hide anymore and we need to try to openly solve the conflicts that's got our correspondent paul brennan now he's joining us live from berlin and so that all sounds very positive do they have a deal paul it certainly appears so yes we haven't heard from merkel the german chancellor and the leader of the c.d.u. party and we haven't yet heard from martin schultz the junior coalition partner in all of this who is the leader of the center left s.p.d. party but that clip that we just played was one of a succession of exhausted looking party executives emerging from conrad house where the talks had been taking place for a full twenty four hour session through to the early morning of early dawn of weapons day and they just really wanted to get handouts frankly they were relieved for the country that a deal appears to been agreed they were dotting the i's and crossing the t's and preparing basically the paperwork to be published so that's the whole party
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membership can actually have a look at what they finally come to agreement on but one of the other delegates said look i just want to go home for a shower so it looks like i know america will give a formal statement once they've had the chance to freshen up but other than that it looks like everything's organized now yes and i understand paul that s.p.d. party members will vote on any final coalition deal do we have any idea what kind of deal they'll be voting for and are they expected to vote in favor. yeah there it's interesting that there is one final hurdle in a despite all the details that have been trickling out from the talks in the absence of a full official statements details such as for example the ministries that we believe the various delegates will have martin schulz we understand will become germany's foreign minister the s.p.d. it seems will get foreign finance and labor ministries as one of the justice ministry and the c.d.u.
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angela merkel's party will keep a firm grip on the economy ministry and the defense ministries the final hurdle though is that the s p d membership of which the around four hundred sixty five thousand will get to vote on whether their party will actually be permitted to join in this grand coalition deal which has been agreed overnight and there was a late rush of members to join the party the suspicion is that perhaps younger more left wing more socialist leaning members are flocking to the party quickly before tuesday's deadline so that they can potentially scuppered the deal there's a lot of mis quiets disquiet among grassroots s.p.d. members about joining another grand coalition that disillusioned with mainstream status quo politics and they they were hoping to have a proper opposition party for a while if they vote and it seems sentiment is rather finally divided if they vote
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against the deal that's been agreed by martin short the leader then we're back into the unknown and potentially more elections in germany very interesting few hours and days ahead thank you very much for that for now paul we will of course be going back to paul if we hear any more about this possible coalition but let's move on to other news for now and a magnitude six point four earthquake has hit eastern taiwan killing at least five people and injured more than two hundred others were far far to say at least five people are still trapped inside a hotel on the brink of collapse in the port city of one hundred forty five people remain unaccounted for john de silva reports. working against the clock to search for survivors. rescuers are using cranes to get to those trapped in what's left of while ins marshall hotel when the earthquake struck just before midnight local time the ground floor katie dean leaving the entire building
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slanting on its site. you go to the. one of them says. there are two people left inside the house one is my older brother and another is a colleague who is in the rescue was a tried to dig further down to look for my brother that's the situation for now. taiwan's president sign one arriving quali in on wednesday morning say when they hear that kind others in that they're building steel frames or prop up the collapsed building this will ensure rescue received when they get in we are racing against time and now is the crucial time. i once fire agency reports that five more buildings including a hospital were also damaged as were several roads leading to the city this earthquake followed another one over the weekend off the coast of florida in this earthquake today in the sequence for the last few days has been right in one of the hot spots on the northeast coast of taiwan so it's not a surprise oh it's in an area where half the sharks are inevitable you know the
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question is how many big aftershocks will there be in our usual odds are one in ten or one in twenty chance of a bigger earthquake so they need to be prepared at least for a few days for more action the city lies along the pacific rim of fire known for regular seismic activity from alaska to southeast asia on the silver how does iraq correspondent rob mcbride arrived in holland not long ago and sent the soft days. the main focus of the of this operation is now a number of buildings behind me which have either collapsed or at least pulled over one of the buildings i don't know if you can see this is like being held up by network support that wasn't for those methods before it will be all about all this so i don't consider this pull all the people who are still missing this quake it has now been confirmed that five people have died but falls of all the people on
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this ng iran fifty are those all thought to be one of the building behind me and the search is on now to try to find and obviously as time goes by the risks concerned about the conditions of the people already this is a resort town on a couple of the buildings that were affected here well right you will hotels and there have been various stories of a number of the guests being in the upper floors of those hotels actually using their hand phones the small talk to flak like oh my hand phones it's a signal that they would become and i rescued but the concerns are is full the that's fifty or so other people who are thought to be trapped unaccounted for in these buildings to seven al or at least a hundred seven people have been killed since tuesday in rebel held areas all of eastern go to and as a province it's the highest number of casualties and months will syrian government and russian jets are targeting the areas where they asked trying to spot a mountain west and he went pressure for
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a truce the regions being held or also within four so-called deescalation zones agreed by iran russia and turkey to shaded hair and black well the u.n. says encreasing violence is making a mockery of the signs furnace metropole. this is supposed to be a deescalation zone part of a russian troops to the territory held by anti-government forces syria. but if anything the bombing is escalating here. the un's head of the international commission of inquiry on syria says the government siege of the area involves the international crimes of indiscriminate bombing and deliberate starvation of the civilian population was. there are reports that at least three hospitals have been hit with the help of the russian air force on the rainy and back groups syria's president is pursuing the last major pockets of territory held by his opponents in western syria.
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the offensive intensified after fighters from one rebel group shot down a russian aircraft on saturday now the syrian army says it's deployed add offenses and anti aircraft missiles to its front lines in aleppo and to cover northern airspace i had there from the us four hundred or russian and they are controlled by the russian intelligence of the syrian regime so this is russia we need to understand there is an direct confrontation between the u.s. and russia it's dangerous because at the same time turkey is trying to force its presence in the area northwestern syria is where turkey is carrying out an operation to push kurdish forces out of afrin it's using syrian airspace and it's got russia's agreement to do so but at the same time the syrian government has threatened to shoot down turkish jets turkey also wants to wipe e.g. out of another northern syrian town palm beach but there are u.s.
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forces there too much to the irritation of the turkish president beginning. now that you can why are you there go ahead and leave who did you bring the y.p. g p k k you took them there and you're still telling us not to come to we would come to him and could deliver the land to its true owners. as over across syria it's civilians who are caught in the middle the un wants fighting across the country to be suspended for a month to allow the sick and wounded to get out aid to get to. bernard smith. the syrian state media is reporting that israel attacked a site on the outskirts of damascus early on wednesday the missiles were reportedly ng does research center in the town of jenin rare which has been the target of previous israeli strikes israel usually targets the sheer armed group hezbollah in syria. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has made
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a rare visit to the occupied golan heights where he issued a warning to syria while appearing across the nearby border into the south he warned israel's enemies quote not to test its resolve he has also been cautioning a role model deepen its military foothold in syria or construct missile factories in lebanon a court in pakistan has delivered verdicts for fifty seven people including a death sentence in the case of a student who was lynched after being accused of blasphemy thirty people were given jail sentences while twenty six others were acquitted hundreds of students dragged out of his university dorm in the northern city of marjah in april last year he was beaten before being shot dead police determined during the investigation there was no evidence can committed blasphemy. people living in ended administered kashmir say their villages have been destroyed by shells fired by the pakistani army over the past three weeks and it's forced hundreds to leave their homes but torah gate
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and the reports. this is what's left of two hundred sixty one homes in jura from a remote village an indian administered kashmir is less than three hundred meters from the so-called line of control the unofficial buddhist separating regions of kashmir run by india and pakistan people here say the pakistani army shouldn't target civilian areas. a lot of damage has been done we are left with nothing no cattle no food or clothes everything is gone and we just want peace. move in one hundred people have fled the violence there now living in this makeshift camp where resources are scarce let us not allow. our entire villages being destroyed and it's been a fortnight now since we migrated we are facing immense difficulties we are short of food. others dealing with grief as well as hunger. but the shelling started at six thirty in the morning two shells landed inside
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a house my wife was killed and me and my son were injured the fire hit us inside our home. kashmir has been divided between india and pakistan since one thousand nine hundred forty seven and remains a hotly disputed territory and they say incidents of cross border firing along the line of control are increasing and there were several reasons for this you predictions coming up well it's not you not you because. you're not on the inside. it's michael of the. meeting and. the shelling has led to the closure of at least eighty four schools impacting a new generation that only have a known hostilities hostilities that threaten the fragile cease fire implemented fifteen years ago victory gates and be al jazeera still ahead on the bulletin.
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was. the cry for help more than eleven million children in yemen. aid to survive and making. the world is taking place in kuala lumpur look at how policymakers they are trying to rejuvenate neighborhoods. how i was there were a few wintry flurries making their way towards to part of the moment but it will warm up a touch as we go through the next couple days as our latest area of wintry weather just feeding into that western side of honshu chance of some snow then over the high ground temperatures getting up to eight celsius in tokyo struggling to get just about freezing there across the korean peninsula these temperatures should act up in the right direction as we go on through friday so it's all around five degrees celsius
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a touch warmer than that across much of japan and it should by the state be dry well it is right to into a good part of central and southern china but we have got some rain into taiwan just around the quake zone the chances of wet weather here not just through thursday but also going on into friday night is the southerly wind coming in by friday for the southeast to hong kong will be touch with it has been recently getting up to around nineteen degrees celsius here further south well it's not too bad across much of southeast asia still some very heavy showers though some flooding rains we have noticed just into were to counter for example java seen some very very heavy rain north of that want to see showers there into malaysia heavy showers also not too far away from the philippines but it's fine dry sunny and warm for thailand. young somali refugee thrilled to gain u.s.
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residency in twenty sixteen. i was told i was unlucky to good to you i was a really really high god answered my prayer but with anti immigrant sentiment under the trump presidency al-jazeera world asks ali was when they use american dream is still alive. in america at this time on al-jazeera. it's good to have you with us on al-jazeera these are our top stories germany is on the brink of ending months of political limbo chancellor angela merkel's conservative party has reportedly set to form
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a coalition government with her main rival they have been in marathon talks to end the uncertainty after september selection a magnitude six point four earthquake has hit the east in taiwan killing at least five people and injured more than two hundred others before fights in the port city of on again say several people remain trapped in buildings that are on the brink of collapse and at least one hundred seventy people have been killed in just one day unbearable held areas of syria's eastern ghouta an adlib problems government and russian jets have increased their attacks despite mounting western and u.n. pressure for a truce. now the conflict in yemen has destroyed the country's infrastructure leading to catastrophes like the call of a crisis but the depth of the damage to its health care sector means patients can access lifesaving treatment including those with kidney failure the red cross says twenty five percent of dialysis patients have died every year. since the conflict began in two thousand and fifteen of the thirty two dollars the centers across
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yemen before the war four have been closed while the other twenty eight pressure more supplies and extra funding for staff salaries are urgently needed to help the four thousand four hundred yemenis would kidney failure. for the conflict has also taken a devastating toll on the most vulnerable members of society children even before the outbreak of conflict in march two thousand and fifteen we haven't faced challenges from widespread poverty food insecurity and a lack of health services and the us reports. the intensity of the fighting on the ground in yemen is showing no signs of letting up the saudi led coalition targets who the rebels in fighting between yemen's political factions has turned city streets into frontlines. after more than three years of war the united nations says the humanitarian crisis here is the worst in the world and its children who are suffering the most at this
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hospital in western province babies and their mothers are brought here for treatment most suffer from severe malnutrition but with little money and even fewer resources health officials say there isn't much they can do and. most of our patients are suffering from malnourishment especially babies who pray speak from their mothers the number of children that are dying is higher than that of matters as we are able to cheat severe cases we also are unable to provide proper nutrition to pregnant women the united nations children's charities says at least five thousand children have been killed or injured since the start of the war that means on average five children lose their lives or are maimed every day the u.n. says more than eleven million children nearly every child in yemen need some form of humanitarian assistance to survive. the ongoing war has led to despair of war related epidemics such as cholera which broke out in yemen last year
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this exacerbated the malnutrition crisis and caused the number of cases to double however we'll never know how bad the situation is because many people cannot make it to hospitals or medical center this. saudi arabia says it has sense nearly a billion dollars worth of aid to yemen and plans to spend another one and a half billion but rights groups accuse the saudi military's air campaign of repeatedly striking civilian targets including markets and medical facilities and say the coalition's blockade on ports under who the control has been a major factor in pushing yemen into near starvation whatever the case the war and the humanitarian crisis it's caused is likely to continue for some time. al-jazeera . some bible as. an opposition leader morgan tsvangirai is critically ill in a south african hospital the sixty five year old announced he was being treated for colon cancer he returned to hospital in johannesburg early last month his
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supporters have been told to quote raise for the worst. south africa's ruling a.n.c. party has postponed a meeting that had been expected to decide on the potential removal of president zuma from office the mission has been delayed to the seventeenth of february zuma as under increasing pressure to resign over corruption allegations and several scandals and her state of the nation address due on thursday has also been delayed . a palestinian man has been shot and killed by a security guard in the car may through settlement of the occupied west bank the palestinian stabbed and injured an israeli settler on wednesday morning which tension has risen in the occupied west bank since u.s. president donald trump decided to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital and another palestinian man was killed during raids by the israeli army in the occupied west bank city of nablus thirty people wounded as israeli forces fired tear gas and rubber coated steel bullets during protests on tuesday five of them remain in acquittal condition on monday an israeli settler was stabbed and killed in the
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illegal settlement of real now more than four billion people around the world now live in cities and that number set to grow to over six billion by two thousand and fifty so making cities more livable is the main theme of the night session of the world urban farm as florence louis reports the host city kuala lumpur is exploring ways to rejuvenate its neighborhoods. the confluence of to reverse this is where quanah began more than one hundred sixty years ago the name means muddy estuary in the middle a language but as the city expanded what used to be the administrative and commercial hub soon lost its importance to new or shiny a buildings parts of the old downtown area fell into disuse but there are plans to revive this part of the city as more people move in cities there's a growing demand for spaces in cities and the challenges he's done in. existing
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urban areas as opposed to expanding and eventually to. make it to the illusion extracting the sink city and urban regeneration body owned by malaysia's sovereign wealth fund believes one way to revitalize the city is by making existing spaces more inclusive that includes turning parking spots into small gardens some temporary at this permanent they will be there are many places around here where one can stop to reste so this is great when you're tired you can sit down here for a bright. there's also a plan to introduce the concept of micro housing and communal living this house is a prototype built as part of a showcase for the ninth world open forum taking place in. actually a lack of housing choice in the city. young people who want to be here by
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using this sort of. communal living lost my housing and hopefully the young people want to come back built on the space measuring five by five natives the footprint of each house is just the size of two parking spots clear the designs and just space is not wasted these shelves and steps. and once you're up in the bedroom. and it becomes part of the. house lacks a dining room because that's meant to be a shed area over the next few weeks those behind this project will gauge public reaction to this type of housing model but what's clear is the drive to inject new life into the city has begun florence levy. the u.s. president has said he would welcome
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a government shutdown of congress doesn't agree on measures to tighten immigration laws the republican party is trying to reach a compromise with democrats before temporary funding measures expire on thursday. venezuela's government is blaming sabotage for a power outage which left large parts of caracas in the dark commuters were among the worst affected by tuesday's blackout which forced at least ten train stations to close and shut down traffic lights government question just another sign of crumbling infrastructure. the woman being presented as a bad image who has most high profile opposition viable has been and washington d.c. on a charm offensive seanie assad check will run much as presidential elections she's been a figure and russian pop culture since the early two thousand she hopper tuns a report. from a right wing think tank to the national press club the message to send. to washington d.c. was exactly what many u.s. opponents of liberia putin would want to hear from
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a russian presidential candidate to embrace nato this is the right a goal for russia often called russia's paris hilton for her well documented social life and reality t.v. shows her father was one of lattimer putin's mentors. but in twenty eleven she joined opposition protests and this since emerged as a government critic with millions of followers on social media however she's only polling around one percent since leading opposition candidate alexina valmy was running questions have been raised as to whether she is a kremlin plans or the very least a useful distraction to give legitimacy to forthcoming polls that president putin is expected to win by a landslide she rejects that when alex enough. my colleague on opposition movement went also to take part on the elections wooded legitimated putin why no one said that it was. legitimate putin so that's in kind of absurd thing
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it's either we all legit to mate putin or not does she says not even a putin presides over a corrupt regime and her economic prescription is based on privatization loosening state control do you just represent another bunch of all agog snooze very shy people who've done very well out of a corrupt system i mean there's nothing to be different here for the average poor person you don't know bernie sound as. well i have first of all. i'm really self-made businesswoman but i never. could have any corruption from the state because i never had any business with the state and she may soon be able to make her case directly to the white house members of congress have invited her to washington's annual national prayer breakfast on thursday donald trump will also attend she ever turns the outer zero washington now billionaire entrepreneur a long musk's ambitious plans to colonize mars have taken another step forward the
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company space x. has successfully launched its most powerful of rocket and how good was a test with a mannequin as its passenger a twenty three story falcon heavy blasted off from the kennedy space center in florida rob reynolds reports. three. with its twenty seven rocket engines roaring the space x. falcon heavy sword into the florida sky it's the most powerful rocket on earth with a thrust equal to eighteen seven forty seven jumbo jets working simultaneously at full power the successful launch gives a powerful boost to billionaire entrepreneur elon musk's company which wants lucrative contracts with nasa the u.s. military and satellite companies. onboard the unmanned ship own cherry red tesla roadster from his electric car company with the space suit
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a dummy in the seat and the stereo playing the late david bowie's space oddity repeat the rockets side boosters separated from the main body and flew back to earth touching down in a perfectly choreographed double landing the boosters will eventually be reused on another mission another booster was designed to lend aboard a ship at sea musk says felt going to have these payload will go into an elliptical orbit of the sun that extends as far out as the orbit of mars and will continue circling for hundreds of millions of years robert oulds al jazeera. good to have you with us on al-jazeera these are our top stories germany is on the brink of ending months of political limbo chancellor angela merkel's conservative party is reportedly set to form a coalition government with
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a main rival have been in mouth and talks to end the uncertainty after september as an action well the top question social union politician has welcomed the news. so frieden we are content we said that tonight we have to get out of the trenches nobody must hide anymore and we need to try to openly solve the conflicts and other news a magnitude six point four earthquake has hit eastern taiwan killing at least five people and injuring more than two hundred others in the port city of pawnee and says several people remain trapped in buildings that are on the brink of collapse at least one hundred ten people have been killed since tuesday in november how the areas of syria's eastern ghouta and provinces the government and russian jets have increased their attacks despite mounting western and u.n. pressure for troops. and syrian state media is reporting that israel attacked a site on the outskirts of damascus early on wednesday the missiles were reportedly aimed at a research center and the television which has been the target of previous israeli
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strikes israel usually targets the armed group hezbollah in syria. a court in pakistan has delivered verdicts for fifty seven people including a death sentence in the case of a student who was lynched after being accused of blasphemy thirty people were given jail sentences while twenty six were acquitted hundreds of students and dragged. out of his university dorm in the northern city of mother and april last year he was beaten before being shot dead the police determined during the investigation there was no evidence can committed blasphemy. at least eighty four indian schools have been forced to close off the border shelling by the pakistani army in the disputed himalayan region of kashmir india says four that saunders were killed in the strikes in the jew district on monday which injured another soldier and a number of civilians or violence last month also closed several schools. as are the headlines on al-jazeera but do stay with us inside story is coming up
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next thank you very much for watching. we'll corsica turning to francis cats and president emmanuel mccall has begun a two day visit to the mediterranean island where there is growing demand for greater autonomy from france as separatist movements rise across europe how will it affect this region this is inside story.


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